Substance Services

Many types of international business can be conducted remotely, sometimes completely online. As a rule, a registered address is enough to start a business activity, a little less often a local contact person or sales representative is also required. However, when it comes to a business with high turnover or a business that requires a license, regulators and banks require a real presence in the country (s) in which the company is registered. Strictly speaking, “substance” means the physical presence of a business in a jurisdiction. Sometimes only partial fulfillment of conditions is required: for example, the presence of a local office with at least one employee. But some activities require a full presence in the country: offices, staff, tax number, auditor, AML officers, documentation in the local language, and so on.

With partners and representatives from RLA Services all over the world, we help clients secure substance in most popular business areas. We can provide full substance in most European countries, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. In many other countries, our company can help create at least partial substance. Thanks to direct contacts, our prices and terms favorably differ from competitors.