Customer Protection

Unfortunately, in international business, even if everything is done correctly, sooner or later there may still be minor or significant problems with banks, regulators and counterparties. Our team members have extensive experience in solving such issues, in addition, we directly cooperate with a licensed lawyer, as well as with the management of various banks. In addition, we are always ready to provide a preliminary consultation absolutely free of charge.

One of the traditional troubles is blocked bank accounts and funds on them. Blocked bank account is an unpleasant, but, unfortunately, regular situation for international companies. Alas, in the vast majority of cases, such bank decision does not depend on you. Unrest in the global political arena, changes in the domestic policy of the bank, amendments to the legislation of a particular country – in the best case they can be predicted, though, it is impossible to influence the situation somehow. We can guarantee the return of all funds remaining on your accounts in any case and difficulty of the conflict.

We also provide legal assistance in cases where clients find themselves in a conflict situation with contractors or even the government. Sometimes only competent advice and the necessary documentary support are enough. However, when it comes to pre-trial or even judicial resolution of the issue, our licensed lawyers are ready to join the case.

The most important note – do not try to make hasty and rash decisions on your own. As soon as necessary, ask RLA SERVICES LTD for assistance, we will help to eliminate the damage.