Month: July 2022

UK Recession Risks.

The risk of a UK recession in the next 12 months is now almost 50:50. While official estimates now show that the country is likely to avoid two consecutive quarters of contraction, economists are becoming increasingly pessimistic due to a surge in inflation. Inflation at its highest level for enormous resilience and cost crises are sources of weakness in life. This is above the forecast for Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Analysts believe that this will greatly affect the lives of the population and domestic business, but it will not bring any special consequences for international business. 

Current Currency situation.

What strange times we live in…

$1 is worth more than €1 for the first time since 2002. According to the Forex Capital Markets trading platform, the minimum price of €1 was $0.99 (-0.37%). On July 14, the euro exchange rate updated the anti-record, continuing to fall below parity against the dollar. At the minimum, the value of the European currency fell to $0.9952. The dollar on Thursday evening is growing against other major world currencies, but the pace of growth has slowed down slightly, according to trading data.