Month: June 2022


Cryptocurrency markets have crashed to record lows. On June 13 alone, global market capitalization fell 12% to $977 billion. Crypto lending platform Celsius has stopped withdrawing funds and Binance has suspended operations in bitcoin, crypto investors are complaining about losing millions, which is understandable. For two weeks, all crypto owners have been waiting for the situation to normalize, but, as most major analysts assure, trust in digital currencies has already been undermined, which means that without another high-profile event, nothing will change for the better. El Salvador, the country that recognized bitcoin as the national currency, is likely to have a default. Due to the sharp decline in interest in mining, video cards have become much cheaper, and electricity consumption in countries where mining has been actively engaged has fallen by 15-30%.

Universal connector

Let’s digress a little from the global frightening news, and talk about something pleasant. EU approved a law on the obligatory universal USB-C connector in mobile devices. The law will come into force in the fall of 2024 and will apply to any smart technology. All that remains is the formal approval of the law by the Parliament and the Council of the EU at the end of this year. So far, this is not yet official information, but if it happens, then all smartphones, tablets, netbooks, photo and video cameras and portable gaming devices will fall under it. Including Apple and Nintendo, which are notorious for making money on unique branded cables and accessories for their devices.