Unlocking accounts - Work with all types of locks and coded sanctions

Unlocking accounts

Blocked bank account is an unpleasant, but, unfortunately, regular situation for companies that have accounts in Europe. Alas, in the vast majority of cases, such bank decision does not depend on you. Unrest in the global political arena, changes in the domestic policy of the bank, amendments to the legislation of a particular country – in the best case they can be predicted, though, it is impossible to influence the situation somehow. Sometimes, banks can simply restrict access to your online client or freeze certain payments, but sometimes it may come to the forced closure of accounts. Even if the block is made according to a decision of the tax authorities (for example, due to a debt or late tax reporting) - do not despair! Nowadays unblocking an account in offshores is a feasible and even mundane process, if experienced professionals are in charge of it. The most important note - do not try to make hasty and rash decisions on your own. As soon as necessary, ask RLA SERVICES LTD for assistance, we will help to eliminate the damage from the actions of the bank. We are ready to start protecting your interests at any stage of the proceedings, saving lots of your time, money, and, of course, nerves. We can guarantee the return of all funds remaining on your accounts in any case and difficulty of the conflict; the entire balance will be transferred to your accounts or to trusted counterparties as soon as possible. Thanks to the vast experience, our specialists are not only usually able to temporarily remove the block from the client’s accounts, but also to completely restore the account and maintain the current business scheme.

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