Second Citizenship - Overview

«Where he was born - there he came in handy!», agree? Statistics show that not all citizens are completely satisfied with their homeland. However, there is no longer any need to argue, because now it is not at all necessary to change your original citizenship, since it is much easier and more convenient to get a second one, and RLA SERVICES LTD specialists will be happy to help you significantly simplify the process of obtaining dual citizenship. Now it is possible to go through the procedure for obtaining a second citizenship in addition to your primary citizenship legally and at a rate of knots. The second citizenship is second only in the order of its acquisition, but not at all in its importance. While having dual citizenship, a person is equally able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of both countries depending on their own choice and will. Nowadays, the EU countries are especially popular. The best part is that you can get EU citizen documents without even living in the country, without knowing the local language, without making investments and without marriage. The whole process will take less than a year; in addition, thanks to working with us, the probability of failure will be equal to absolute zero. Obviously, obtaining dual citizenship in some countries (like for example, Germany or Norway) is impossible, because it demands a procedure of refusing your previous citizenship, however, this is no longer necessary. Acquiring a passport of any European state (for example, Romania or Bulgaria), you will have access to: legal work in any country of the EU, visa-free entry to Schengen, studying at any private or public university in Europe, as well as a getting huge number of other local benefits and privileges.

Ever dreamed of an «American dream»? We will help with emigration to the United States better than anyone else will.

Even if you do not pursue the goal of migrating abroad for the purpose of work or study, dual citizenship can always be a pleasant bonus for life. Cyprus, Dominica, Santa Lucia and many other paradise countries - with RLA SERVICES any dream is possible.

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