Merchant account online - Overview


Merchant account - a special trading account of the organization that allows to accept payments from customers’ bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American express, etc.) and customer bank accounts via Internet.

A distinctive feature of these accounts is that they are intended for a large number of operations (thousands of units) per minute. Merchant accounts also differ from others because they have an attached web-interface, through which customers make purchases by fulfilling details of their bank cards.

RLA Services enables connection of merchant account for any type of business, retaining the gradation of risk assignment and AML / FT policy adopted by banks as well.

Low risk is assigned if your company is registered in the Eurozone or Hong Kong. Acceptable types of business: trade, service, consulting services. Your company’s current account must be opened in bank from “white” jurisdiction.

Medium risk is assigned to companies that are eligible for low risk, but with a turnover exceeding 500,000 euros per month.

High risk – присваивается компаниям, зарегистрированным в офшорных зонах, а также компаниям с деятельностью, подлежащей лицензированию.

High risk is assigned to companies registered in offshore zones, as well as companies with activities that require compulsory licensing.

Extra high risk is assigned to companies engaged in certain types of activities (for example, pharmaceuticals, tobacco products and raw materials traders), as well as companies registered in “unreliable” jurisdictions, which include Vanuatu, the Marshall Islands, etc.

This gradation is provided as an example, the acquiring bank and the payment system you have chosen may be guided by other principles of assigning a risk level.

The cost of working with a merchant account directly depends on the risk level assigned to the company. You can familiarize yourself with the pricing policy in the “prices” tab.

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