Customs clearance and shipment to the EU. Porto-Franco - Overview

Are you the owner of a business that is inextricably with goods delivery? Then, obviously, the speed of delivery and prices for customs operations are extremely important for you. RLA SERVICES LTD will help you to organize the most expeditious transportation with minimal costs.

Our company provides services in the preferential customs zone of the European Union - in the Czech Republic.

  • We register export / import of goods
  • Organization of production / overproduction
  • Warehouse service / transit warehouse
  • Organization of product packaging in the free zone - Porto Franco
  • Our company has experience in disinfecting cargoes of various categories, and therefore we can handle even the most specific cargoes without errors and delays. We will not only prepare all the necessary documents, but also we will help with tracking the cargo and solving potential problems of any complexity.

    Our company has vast experience in the implementation of these services, and that is why we can quickly and reliably help you with the processing of goods of any category, the establishment of production and many other related issues.

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