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Why use RLA Services?

RLA SERVICES LTD provides a full range of services for the registration of companies in various offshore and onshore jurisdictions. We will introduce you to the concept of an offshore/onshore company and the peculiarity of its creation with the necessary requirements for registration. We are always ready to register an offshore company for you in the required jurisdiction as soon as possible, and later we are going to provide any support for newly registered companies. “Offshore” is a company registered on an offshore territory where international business is purposefully attracted, and therefore such a company can enjoy tax benefits. In addition, the authorities in offshore jurisdictions are extremely loyal in matters of control over foreign entrepreneurs. Some countries does not have any compulsory accounting and reporting, and there is no currency monitoring. The variety of tax-free countries is very wide today, and the conditions for foreign entrepreneurs in different countries are so individual that there is always the opportunity to choose the perfect option for any, even the most specific business. RLA SERVICES LTD you will be able to recommend countries, where it will be most beneficial for you to register a company. The most attractive and popular destinations today are:

  • England & Scotland - very prestigious jurisdictions with one of the most developed economics, but at the same time with extremely loyal tax laws and the easiest financial reporting system.
  • Hungary & Czech Republic - the fastest growing offshore jurisdictions in the very heart of Europe, that have very pleasant conditions for non-residents.
  • Hong Kong - one of the largest financial markets in the world, where the ease of opening and running companies is supported by low taxes.
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