Registration companies in Russia - Benefits

We can register your business and then provide you with a full package of documents for newly registered company. We can also simply prepare all necessary documents in case if you are eager to register a company by yourself. We are the ones, who do everything lighting fast and faultlessly.

You do not need to waste hours on visiting our office anymore, because we provide a remote registration - this will save you time, which is extremely important in the modern world. Remote registration also erases spatial boundaries. You do not need to spend time and money on travel in order to start working with professionals. We can provide you with a full service by means of communication via e-mail, as well as in instant messengers and by phone. Choose an acceptable type of communication with us.

Our lawyers will advise on the whole process of preparing documents, help to determine a legal form, help with a so-called «ОКВЭД», tax system and even the name! If you need a legal address, we will provide it. We will develop the Charter; fill out all forms, protocols, receipts and orders.

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