Amendment of company documents - Benefits

During the existence of a business, lots of things can change. The company can change the address, change its profile, change the main activity, etc. Some changes in the life of the company require amendments to the constituent documents and to special government agencies. The process of making changes, if you have never done it before, can turn into a "bureaucratic nightmare." Our lawyers will simplify the process of making changes for you - we will simply make the entire work ourselves.

Cases when it is necessary to make changes officially:

  • Change of legal address, if the charter specifies only the location of the company (name of the settlement) and the change of address made within this settlement;
  • change of organization name;
  • increase or decrease of authorized capital;
  • change of legal address;
  • change of directors;
  • change in the shares of participants in the company - purchase and sale of shares;
  • change in main activities;
  • correction of errors and other changes.
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