Accounting and Reporting - Benefits

Accounting in Russian Federation, as in many other countries nowadays, is a task of particular importance for successful business. Financial statements are based on accounting reports and documents, must be done and submitted by any entrepreneur, regardless of the legal form of business. Strict legislation on reporting just emphasizes the need of a professional approach to this issue.

Our company offers professional accounting services for your business under an outsourcing agreement. This means that you won’t need to hire a regular accountant, because our specialists will take care of all of his work. Our team consists of professional accountants and auditors – real specialists in all types of business accounting.

Hiring a team of professional accountants instead of one full-time worker is an effective way to reduce costs.

We offer such services as work with primary documents; Full tax reporting and accounting; Submission of all types of reporting to tax inspectorates, funds and statistics agencies; Consultation on choosing a proper tax system; Transactions reporting; And even reporting recoveries.

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