Privacy Policy

RLA SERVICES LTD operates only in accordance with the privacy policy.

Confidential information is considered to be materials, knowledge or information that the parties are supposed to share with each other during cooperation to achieve some goals, but at the same time they wish to limit access to them to third parties, meaning that such information must be secured.

While working with RLA SERVICES, you can always be sure about the safety of your confidential information: our website meets all security criteria, and the contract is always accompanied by the signing of a Non-disclosure agreement, which you can find below:

I. In accordance with the privacy policy, confidential information of any party may include the following information received from any of the parties:

  • personal and contact information;
  • statutory and other internal documents of the company;
  • business plans, strategies and practices;
  • information about personnel, customers and suppliers;
  • information related to products and services;
  • specifications, drawings, sketches, models, samples, tools, computer programs, specifications or any data related to them;
  • bank details and other payment information;
  • ... any other confidential information that has not been previously agreed to be used (RLA SERVICES employees undertake to request permission to use and disseminate any information the use of which has not been previously discussed).

  • II. According to the privacy policy, information and data cannot be considered confidential because of following factors:

  • this information is already known by a third party (or parties) for reasons not related to the activities of RLA SERVICES: the data was previously transferred to a third party by other representatives of the client or previously appeared in the public domain for some reason;
  • data was forcibly made publicly available as a result of unlawful actions of the client, his employees, officers, directors, agents or other intermediaries;
  • the data was approved for use by some third party without restrictions, which led to an unplanned leak of information;
  • data was published in accordance with the legal requirement of a court or other state body, as well as in other cases when it was required by law.

  • III. Additional terms of the privacy policy:

  • the privacy policy does not have the right to restrict any of the parties in any independent actions that do not require the use of confidential information;
  • nothing in the privacy policy prevents the party that has received permission and consent to use certain data from developing and issuing new documents, products and services based on data authorized for use;
  • the privacy policy also prohibits any public announcements, negotiations or any other events implying the possibility of using confidential data without the prior consent of all parties.
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